Case Study

From Struggle to Triumph:
Sterling Architects’ Expansion with Kalidad Staffing


The architecture industry is highly competitive, and finding skilled employees who share the company’s design style and culture can be challenging and expensive. That’s what the founders of a growing architecture firm, Sterling Architects, found out when they were struggling to expand their business due to the high cost of hiring local employees.


Sterling Architects had a growing list of clients, but the founders couldn’t keep up with the workload. Hiring local employees was too expensive, and they struggled to find the right fit for their design style and culture. They tried hiring freelancers, but the quality and reliability were inconsistent. They needed a better solution that would allow them to expand their business without breaking the bank.


Sterling Architects turned to Kalidad Staffing, Through Kalidad Staffing, they were able to find a team of skilled architects who were proficient in using the necessary software programs for architects. The team consisted of three architects who worked remotely from the Philippines.
Kalidad Staffing provided Sterling Architects with a comprehensive training program that covered all aspects of remote work, including communication, collaboration, project management, and time tracking. This helped the team to integrate smoothly into the company’s workflow and culture.


By partnering with Kalidad Staffing, Sterling Architects was able to expand their business by taking on more clients and projects without the high cost of hiring local employees. The remote team from Kalidad Staffing was able to deliver high-quality work on time and within budget, allowing the founders to focus on growing their business and improving their work-life balance. As a result, one of the founders was able to pursue his hobby of photography, which he had previously put on hold due to work demands. He was able to free up time, spend more time with his family, and get back to what he enjoys in life.


By partnering with Kalidad Staffing, Sterling Architects was able to overcome the challenge of finding skilled employees while reducing costs. The remote team provided by Kalidad Staffing has become an extension of their local team, and they have been able to expand their business and improve their work-life balance. Kalidad Staffing’s comprehensive training program has been a key factor in the success of the partnership, and Sterling Architects is excited to continue working with them in the future.

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