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Discover the ease and flexibility of remote outsourcing with Kalidad Staffing. Explore our FAQs to learn more about how we can help you manage your hiring needs, from start to finish. Find all the information you need to get started today.

At Kalidad Staffing, we go beyond traditional staffing solutions. We are the only outsourcing company in the world that offers the right guidance, mindset, tools, and knowledge to be truly successful. The Academy consists of online modules, videos and assessments that cover topics ranging from communication and culture training, to onboarding and processes, to tips on working with remote teams.

The problem with traditional outsourcing has been that too many people fail. They only focus on the hiring and not on the required mindset and knowledge to manage that relationship. Our training program equips both employees and employers with the knowledge and skills needed for remote work success.

Our dedicated recruitment team will help you find and recruit candidates for specific positions tailored to your needs. That might include areas such as customer service, bookkeeping, social media management, administrative support, draftspeople, sales, and much more. So you can’t hire a head of sales, but you can hire people who can close sales.

Of course. Your employee is fluent in both spoken and written English, ensuring effective communication and seamless collaboration. Furthermore, with the Kalidad Academy, they will be prepared in the best way possible for quality collaboration.

The cost of your employee will depends on the skillset that you require, and includes all payroll-related expenditures including an opt-in for healthcare after one year. This ranges between $4-$6 /Hour per hour for a high-quality employee. There are no onboarding fees, hidden fees, or locked-in contracts. Best of all, the Kalidad Academy experience is included.

Absolutely. Your remote employees will work within your business hours, ensuring better coordination and communication.

No. But the mindset is that this is a relationship that is going to work out for you as an essential, permanent part of your team.

Kalidad Staffing automatically monitors all our employees. We have a comprehensive system in place, which provides screenshots of the employee's screen every 10 minutes. You can track their activity at any time.

Finding the right employee for you generally requires only 14 business days. We focus exclusively on finding you the right candidates and hand-pick professionals who are best suited to you and your business, according to the specifications you outline on the hiring form.

Kalidad Staffing provides quality. We naturally perform thorough background checks to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of our remote employees. Not only that, but our candidates have an on-the-ground liaison staff member who oversees their work, and is available to answer any questions. Every contract is signed by an authorized, local notary.

No, each remote employee is dedicated to serving a single client. Kalidad Staffing stands for dedication, focus, and responsibility.

We generally recommend working with a full-time employee (40 hours a week). This ensures consistency in the delivery of their tasks and responsibilities, and a remote employee who is dedicated to your business. Part-time arrangements (20 hours a week) can be an option in certain situations. Let's discuss your needs and explore the possibilities.

Kalidad Staffing will take care of payroll. We take care of everything from raises, to overtime, to taxes. We offer a convenient weekly payment system. You will be billed by Kalidad Staffing at the end of each week for the services provided.

Kalidad Staffing is a step up from other outsourcing companies. We act as a communication bridge between you and your employee – and of course we’re always available for any other conversations you would like to have. You can even book a one-on-one appointment with a Kalidad specialist.

The hiring form is ready and waiting for you. Please watch the video to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect fit for your business.

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