Kalidad Care

More Than Just Staffing:
Kalidad Care for Ongoing Support

At Kalidad, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our clients are successful in their hiring endeavors. But our support for you doesn’t end there. We believe in ongoing support, communication, and relationship-building. Here’s what we offer all the way along to make your life easier and your business more successful:

The Kalidad Academy:

Both you and your employee will be prepared for long-term success. You will successfully recruit, hire, onboard, and retain one of the best employees in the world. There’s a wealth of carefully curated training modules that keep you updated with everything you need to know. You’ll be confident every step of the way.

Seamless Hiring Process:

Effortlessly recruit and onboard top talent with our white-glove hiring process. From start to finish, we handle everything so you can focus on growing your business. Learn more at the link.

Activity Monitor Tool:

We utilize a program that does three different functions. 1) Activity Levels 2) Screenshots of Screen 3) Log times of employee monitors You can be sure your employees are working efficiently and effectively, and you can review their daily activity at any time.


We run payroll for you. We figure out the hours, times, overtime, vacation and sick pay. It’s streamlined and off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your company.

Local IT Department:

This is one headache you don’t have to have. Kalidad has a local IT department in the Philippines to provide immediate support for any technical needs that may arise. We can assist with phone setup, program installation, VPN settings, and more, to ensure that your remote employees have the technical resources they need to perform their job.

Client Success Manager:

We provide a dedicated Client Success Manager to each client to act as a communication bridge between our team and yours. They are your point of contact for any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise. Your experience with Kalidad is smooth, seamless, and satisfactory.


Because the remote employees are paid by us as Kalidad employees, we also review their activity levels to ensure that they are meeting expectations. While we cannot review what they are working on due to privacy concerns, we monitor their activity to ensure they are performing the work that they were hired to do – and do it excellently.

Health Care Plans:

Kalidad offers health care plans for its employees after they reach certain milestones. This shows that Kalidad values its employees and is committed to their well-being, which can help improve retention and build a loyal and motivated workforce.

Kalidad Care:

At Kalidad, we believe in treating clients like family and ensuring their long-term success. We prioritize exceptional client care, which sets us apart, and always strive to ensure client satisfaction through our program.

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